Let go of overeating & end your battle with food.

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Overeating?  Binging?

Stress Eating? Emotional Overeating?

Yo-Yo Dieting?

You don’t have to live like this anymore.

It’s not about weight. I know it may feel that way for some, but weight isn’t the problem — it’s the symptom. The problem is how we are USING food. Diets don’t work! They fill us with a feeling of restriction and deprivation that actually fuels the diet/binge cycle. We know this don’t we? How many diets do we have to try before we STOP THE MADNESS!

This is THE END OF OVEREATING… Choose it.


We're overeating when we're stressed, bored, tired or depressed. We eat for comfort, for pleasure and celebration. Food has come to represent love, culture, community, abundance and even sabotage. Where does Nourishment even come into the picture?

You don't need another diet. Instead, let's retrain your brain to make choices that are consistent with your goals. Let's create new patterns of behavior so that you don't have to go to battle with willpower everyday. We can do this. Join me. I'll show you how. My goal is to give you game-changing information and actionable tools to heal your relationship with food and put this struggle behind you once and for all.

Why on earth do we keep doing this to ourselves?

  • An estimated 80 million Americans are dieting at any given time
  • 75% of American women surveyed have unhealthy thoughts, feelings or behaviors related to food or their bodies
  • More than one-third of US adults (%35.7) are obese
  • More $$ is spent on dieting than the UN spends fighting hunger (If that's not upsetting to you, I'm not sure we can be friends)

  And Yet

  • 95% dieters regain all of their weight and often more
  • Despite $60+ billion spend on dieting in the US, obesity related conditions are among the leading causes of preventable death
  • As the number of people dieting increases, so does the number of people with weight issues worldwide... Coincidence? Not likely

Feeling the Love:

“Honestly, I never expected this kind of change. I thought I just wanted to lose weight, but when I stopped eating my stress and feelings I actually began dealing with them. I think differently and make time for myself. I’m actually proud of myself, a big switch from the shame I’d been feeling. You’re my angel.” –Eileen Regerie


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